CK Design Incorporated has been providing high quality design services for over 20 years. CK Design has completed fully integrated design solutions for numerous Silicon Valley companies and has vast expertise in electronic and software design for both industrial and commercial products. Located in San Jose California CK Design leverages the experience and talent of the Silicon Valley to support customers in the realization of their projects.


Our integrated electronic and software design services can take your ideas from concept right through to manufacturing. Whether you are looking to update an existing design or create a new product, CK Design can help.

Software Design

At CK Design we specialized in the development of embedded software for 8, 16, and 32-bit microcontroller platforms. This ranges from low level IO drivers and operating systems to graphical user interfaces. With hardware-oriented expertise our software engineers can help drive the hardware design by selecting the best choice of components to achieve the desired performance.

We are also skilled at designing Windows applications that run stand-alone or used to communicate with embedded hardware over a variety of interfaces.

Electronic Design

CK Design has designed complex analog and digital electronic products for a variety of industries including consumer products, data communications, navigation, food packaging, railroad, robotic, and wireless.

With vast experience in designing distributed control systems, we can simplify a design by networking multiple microcontrollers together throughout a system rather than having the microcontroller(s) centrally located. A reduction in cost and complexity is often realized by reducing the number of connectors and associated wiring harnesses. Even a single circuit board system can benefit from distributed control by placing the microcontrollers next to the devices that need to be monitored and controlled. CK Design has extensive experience using the CAN (Controller Area Network) bus to network devices together.


CK Technology was founded in 1989 and primarily focused on the development of LORAN C and GPS navigation/timing receivers. As time progressed CK Technology began providing design services to a company that produced automated packaging equipment. This included the design of thermal printing and automated labeling machines.

As more requests for design services were received, CK Technology changed its name to CK Design, and incorporated in 1998. Since then, CK Design has continued to serve the electronics industry by creating reliable and innovative designs.


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